You are invited to a TOWN HALL Zoom meeting
with Paul Kinzelman, Democratic candidate
for NM House District 8. Click to register.

Ask any questions you want about Paul K's positions and what he plans to do as your representative in the Roundhouse. You are welcome to come tell Paul what is important to you.

I am running for House District 8 because I want to write and pass legislation that supports our economy, supports all citizens in our state and makes New Mexico a better place for all to live, work, learn, and play.

Vote for me if you support these goals:Ballot

Do you support these goals? See Compare the Candidates for details about my opponent's voting record on these issues and more.

Voting Records

What has my opponent done for the people of District 8?

Let's look at his record. Alonzo voted against every one of these bills. I support these bills because they support us and our small businesses.

  1. A bill requiring police body cameras and removing immunity if police commit a crime on duty (2020 special / SB8).
  2. A bill giving economic help to small businesses devastated by the Covid-19 crisis (2020 special / SB3)
  3. A bill for temporary election changes to encourage more absentee balloting (2020 special / SB4)
  4. A bill prohibiting health insurance rejection due to pre-existing conditions (2019 / HB436)
  5. A bill supporting a study on making sure all New Mexicans have health care coverage (2019 / HM92)
  6. A bill to increase working families tax credit (2020 / HB148)

For more information about Alonzo's votes, see my Compare the Candidates page.